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Starting in 1962, implants filled with silicone gel were the trusted tool in breast augmentations. Over the years, though, silicone has caused uncertainty and doubt in the medical community. As research progresses on the safety of silicone, inflatable saline implants have and continue to be used by the cosmetic plastic surgery community. Developments and advancements in the safe uses of silicone have arisen, and should be raised with your doctor.

The best implant size for each patient is determined at the consultation. This involves an evaluation of body structure and anatomy. Chest measurements will be taken and considered, as the most natural result depend on respect to your body's limitations. Incisions can be made in a number of places along the breast, either in the natural crease under it, from the underarm, or along the lower border of the areola. You and your doctor can discuss and decide upon the best technique for you. Placement of the implant can also vary between going under or over the muscle. Discuss the benefits of one method over the other with your doctor. Breast augmentation surgery usually takes about an hour and a half, and patients shoudl allow for a several hour recovery period before heading home.

Breast augmentation surgery involves some possible risks. There is chance that capsular contracture will occur, but that is actually less of a risk when using saline implants than it was with silcone ones. Nipple sensation might be affected a bit, but it is rare, and usually temporary. Also, because the implant is filled with a solution of saline and water, there will always be a degree of wrinkling, but this can be better camaflouged with placement under the muscle.

A breast augmentation can be performed alone, or in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures for more striking results.It is commonly combined with a breast lift, as well as with liposuction. These are nice compliments to one another, as they all work towards improving one's overall profile.






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