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Breast Enlargement

Breast Augmentation
Is a procedure that, through the insertion of a safe implant, increases the size of the breasts. This is great for a woman who feels she is lacking in the bust area, or for one who has watched her breast size decrease over the years or after giving birth. The results leave the patient with a more attractive contour and luster.

Your surgeon can make the breast augmentation incision at a number of points, the most common being in the underarm area, in the crease under the breast, and around the areola (the pigmented skin around the nipple). You and your doctor will decide together which is the most appropriate for you, your goals, and your body type. Once the incision is made, saline filled implants are situated in the pocket of the breast, either under or over the muscle. This is another variable that will be determined at your consultation with your doctor, and again, can depend on the look you desire and the suggestions of your doctor.

Some soreness, swelling, and possibly bruising, can be expected for a few days folowing the procedure. However, this will slowly subside and your breasts will begin to take their feminine shape. Most patients can return to work several days after breast augmentation surgery, although this varies for everyone, of course. A bit more time, usually about 3-4 weeks, is required before jumping into any more strenous activies and it's generallly a few months to even a year before scars completely fade.

There are always potential risks associated with any surgical procedure, but rather than fear them, it's smartest and safest to be aware of them. Be sure to discuss any risks with your doctor at your consultation. Some of the possible risks associated with breast augmentation include change in nipple sensation, implant problems that may require removal and correction of procedure, and some patients report symptoms like those associated with immune disorders.






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